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Project Description
ExtendedDataTable is a component which provides more functionality compared to native  .Net Framework DataTable. It is also platform independent, you can use it with web or windows applications. It is developed by .Net Framework 2.0 and .Net Framework 3.5, you can download both versions from this page.

It always takes time for developers writing code to export data to external file types such as word, excel, html. Developers also spending time to some actions such as printing a report, sending a mail. This is a time saving component which gives the benefit to developers to use these functionalities quickly.
Let's look what functionalities ExtendedDataTable provides;


ToWord : Exports the data into a word document in client's computer as a table object.
ToExcel : Exports the data as excel worksheet in client's computer.
ToHtml : Generates the html code using table,tr,td tags that represents data.
SendMail : Allows users to send the html table that represents data as email.
Print : Prints the data to any printer.
Fill : Easily fills table with data from database with the DataAdapter component it includes.
Update : Allows users easily update data to database with DataAdapter component it includes.
StyleProperties : You can easily modify the style of the table which will be generated, such as Table Style, Row Style, Header Style, Alternating Row Style, Row Specific Style by this property.
FormatProperties : This property allows users to change the format of the table which will be generated, such as Column Headers, Column Alignments and Column Formats (number, date formats).
PrintProperties : By using this property you can easily modify the layout of the document which will be printed or the properties of the printer.
MailProperties : This property is used to change the settings for Smtp Server.
DataProperties : This property allows users to modify the settings for Connection, Command, DataAdapter components to fill or update data.
Let me explain the technology that is used to provide these functionalities.
ToWord and ToExcel methods Office Interop is used to create and fill the documents.

ToHtml is a simple method that generates the html code using tr,td,table tags by iterating through rows and columns.

SendMail creates a MailMessag object and sends the html code generated by SmtpServer.

Print method works different for windows and web applications. For windows applications it uses Graphic objects methods like MeasureString, DrawRectangle, FillRectangle and DrawString for generating document will be printed. For web applications it writes generated html code to current response and calls javascript window.print method.

Fill and Update methods uses dataadapter to select, insert and update data to database.
You can find information about how to use this component in a sample application provided in releases.

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